Andra Sparks Jazz Singer and Vocal Coach-Singing Lessons

With my wide background as a practicing performer in classical and contemporary singing styles - I have taught vocal technique to male and female singers of all ages and interests: classical, pop and jazz - to actors, choir members, composers, for auditions and exams ...

No matter what style of music you are drawn to - classical or contemporary singing, certain elements - skills which are vital for good health and a grounded approach to life - are common to all:


SO - I offer a practical approach to good singing with the emphasis on creativity and fun...

Each individual has a unique voice that is theirs to develop in the musical area of their choice. You might prefer to sing with others or want to learn about your own sound.

Whatever your needs, I can help you find YOUR individual voice and support your growing confidence and self awareness as your skills and musical knowledge increase. These skills are useful in ALL areas of your life.

And as you tap into your emotions and experience the sheer pleasure of singing comfortably -


I can offer teaching and advice tailored to your specific, learning requirements:

INDIVIDUAL hour long lessons for adults
SHORTER sessions for younger students
WORKSHOPS for specific musical areas eg jazz
REHEARSAL for audition pieces
ACCOMPANIMENT for your group just to come and sing!

The Shoefactory is the perfect, supportive environment to lose your fears and worries and discover your confidence and strengths

learning Jazz with Jazz School UK

learning Jazz with Jazz School UK

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