Andra Sparks Jazz Singer and Vocal Coach - Album reviews

PEOPLE WE ONCE KNEW - Verge 002 and YOUR TIME - Verge 2006

'People we once Knew is the exquisite result of her new passion... uncovers new emotional layers... vocal dynamics and change of timbre from sweet and soft to harder - emphasise the drama. She's already a jazz diva ... Remarkable album' PICK OF THE MONTH - BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE 2000 - Ian Carr

'People We Once Knew... a beautifully recorded blend of voice and instrumentalists - wonderful arrangements of un-hackneyed standards' JAZZ UK May/June 2000 - Brian Blain

'People ...a finely crafted and very lyrical CD. The arrangements .. take a spare and contemporary approach, allowing each musician to contribute completely to the mood particular songs demand... Sparks sings with an assurance and ease, taking the journey through the emotional and lyrical territory of the diverse repertoire and making it whole. If I heard this on the radio I would immediately want to know who this singer was.' MUSICIAN MAGAZINE 2000 - Barb Jungr

'Your Time - 'There's something remarkable about Andra Sparks' singing - sure she has the clear diction, the sense of timing and the precise intonation that you expect of a top vocalist yet on top of this she has a rare ability to create totally engaging performances without all the effort and effects on which many others depend. She just seems to sing the songs.. yet turn them into highly charged statements...' JAZZ UK 2004 - Pete Martin

'Andra Sparks moved from a background in classical music and whilst there's a trace of precise classical intonation in her singing she is clearly more than comfortable in the jazz environment. The album comprises a mix of carefully chosen standards along with a few less familiar tunes such as Dorough and Landesman's' 'Small Day Tomorrow' a number that is given an outstanding interpretation here. Sparks is accompanied by a very strong band... tender and quite beautiful reading of... 'Ballad of the Young Men'....and for me the strongest song here, Sparks' version of the title song, Ferrre's 'Your Time', a song both about the fading of love within a relationship, and on another level about the diminishing spirit of life itself... she almost recites the lyrics, imbuing the number with powerful emotion. This is a beautifully sung, well played and well recorded set that I hope will gain Andra Sparks the wider audience she clearly deserves.' HI FI MAGAZINE 2005


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